Restoration techniques

For each element and for all parts of the organ, we have devised extremely reliable restoration techniques which guarantee a new lease of life to the instrument.

These techniques , as shown in the slideshow below concern :

  • Slider and pallet windchests
  • Barker machines
  • Mechanic parts (squares, trackers, rollers, roller brackets, roller boards, backfalls, and consoles)
  • Bellows and accordion trunks
  • Kegellade windchests
  • Electrical and pneumatic transmission
  • Wooden and metal pipes

The actual voicing of restored instruments is done on location and prepared on a mobile voicing machine to adjust to the acoustics of the building.
sommier à registre 1 sommier à registre 2 machine pneumatique Barker
consoles et pièces mécaniques réservoirs et gosiers sommiers de type Kegellade 1
sommiers de type Kegellade 2 transmission éléctrique et pneumatique tuyauterie bois et métal