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Mission statement

To oppose 2 8-foot stops : a principal and a chimney flute


To build an open principal from the first C (2.8m high) that could fit in a modern flat (2.5m)

Characteristic features

An organ case independent from the instrumental unit proper, which allows ample freedom in the design and outlook.
Several varieties of wood are available.

The instrument has an actual prospect of tin pipes. It is not a cupboard opening onto the pipework.

The use of drawstop knobs enables the player to benefit from a coupler and so have a firmer weight of touch without having to pull the two stops.

The pull-down octave pedal coupler opens up numerous musical possibilities.




Opus 2


M. Francis PRAQUIN

Private organ

Villefranche sur Saône, France

2 keyboards and pedalboard, 2 stops, 2006


Opus 3

Opus 3

M. Jean-Pierre LAVANDIER

Private organ

Creys-Mépieu. France

2 keyboards and pedalboard, 2 stops, 2012


Opus 4

Opus 4

M. Jean-Pierre DIVOT

Private organ

Brignais. France

2 keyboards and pedalboard, 3 stops, 2012